Full Membership – entitles you to total access to club facilities, play bowls whenever you wish and participate in pennant bowls on Saturday and Tuesday competitions. Members can vote in General and Annuals General Meetings and become members of the Board and any associated sub-committees or Coordinator roles.



Intermediate Membership – Entitles all members to have full membership rights without playing pennant unless you are a dual member (primarily a Vic Bowls affiliated member of another club) who wishes to play either Saturday or Tuesday pennant with Hurstbridge BC. Typically, an Intermediate Member would be a social bowler who wants to play bowls without the competitive and commitment requirements of playing pennant, or they are a Student or Junior (under 18) member with full member entitlements. The club has bowls you can try out with.



Social Membership– This is a non-bowling membership category that provides free access to the club, the greens and its facilities but nothing else. The requirement of the club liquor license to sign in would not be required.

October to March competition seasons
Saturday Pennant Bowls – 2nd division – 4th division – 7th division
Tuesday Pennant Bowls – 1st Division – 4th Division